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Our Services

Westug's record of reliability and quality service is highly regarded and something we are very proud of. In 2010 Westug received the awards "Supplier of Excellence” and "Overall Winner" across all Categories of goods and services for RIO TINTO’s supplier recognition program. We have been awarded winners in the service Category for the three consecutive years since. Westug has also recieved the Business Excellence award from KDCCI in 2012 and an award for "Best supplier partnership" from our long term client Rio Tinto.

 Quality, Reliability and unmatched service. See how the team at Westug can assist with your maritime needs. Contact Us

Marine Consultancy

A diverse management team drawn from the marine and business community enables us to offer a broad spectrum of services including QA and Safety Management System development, dry-docking, Construction, Owners representation, Superintendency, Engineering solutions, Commissioning, Operational planning and support, Performance assessment, Port/Marine Safety, Security and Management Planning and Transhipment.

Vessel Management

Westug has maintained 100% reliability with its operations as a result of well implemented and constantly reviewed and improved vessel management systems. Our team takes great pride in our record of reliability and as such maintains the vessels to the highest level to rule out downtime. Our Quality System incorporates detailed vessel management, maintenance and operational procedures that promote ownership, accountability and continuous improvement.

Project Planning

Since our inception we have seen huge growth in the mining sector and along with it had the opportunity to be involved with many marine related projects that have required extensive planning and forward thinking. Our team's vast experience and wealth of knowledge have proven invaluable to the success of projects we have undertaken.

Marine Crewing

Westug has highly qualified and skilled marine personnel on file to assist with your Vessel Manning Requirements.

Towage Operations

Our operations are quality assured and our crew are trained to the highest level to ensure we deliver the safest and most effective service possible.
We continue to invest in the professional development of our team to ensure our high standards are maintained and improved upon into the future.

Work Vessels

Westug has several work vessels available for lease or charter. Our team has a wealth of experience in various workboat roles and can quickly determine whether we have a vessel suited to our client's needs.